YuMe Bed

Climate Control Bed

YūMē™, exclusively at Mattress Firm, is a revolutionary sleep system that heats and cools, helping you sleep better and more comfortable. YūMē™ is the result of combining proven, reliable technology with premium luxury bedding.

  • Ultimate Comfort: Premium Italian coconut foam
  • Conforming Effect: High quality ventilated memory foam
  • Balanced Support: Body Wave anatomically zoned core
  • Breathability: Unique foam layering & airflow design
  • Personalized Sleep Options: Create a sleep system designed with your needs in mind with four options available.
  • Comes With a 20 Year Warranty


Does temperature really affect quality of sleep?
According to the Better Sleep Council, the ideal bedroom temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. A room that's too warm or too cool can disrupt comfortable sleep which can affect your productivity.

In fact, the National Sleep Foundation found that American couples will lose, on average, 49 minutes of sleep tonight alone because of sleep disturbance including temperature.

Bliss Pillow

Natural coconut extract integrated with premium foam allows for 3X More Air Circulation than Traditional Foams.

Bliss Pillow

Natural Aloe Extract Blended with Premium Foam and covered in Cool Gel.